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IT Software Development in Oil and Gas Industry

IT Software Development in Oil and Gas Industry

Developed complex applications related to oilfield survey and operations.

Wahyu's Experiences at JawaSoft

Date: Dec 2007 – Dec 2008

.NET Developer
PT. Jawa Soft, Jakarta, Indonesia

PT. Jawa Soft (, a software development company, is an association of R-WEB Limited Australia ( It provides software development services like oil and gas application development. The products have been used by major petroleum and service companies like International Logging, Apache Energy Pty. Ltd., Daewoo L&G, BHP Billiton, ConocoPhilips Indonesia and Australia, Chevron Australia, ENI, Transworld Oil, Marathon Oil, OMV, and Weatherford.

Key Roles & Responsibilities
  • Reported to the Lead Developer, migrating old application to the newer version using newer development tool and database.
  • Fixed errors and bugs introduced by existing applications.
  • Developed applications related to oilfield operations.
  • Supported application users and clients.

Key Achievements
Software development
  • Migrated and added new features to newly migrated application.
  • Enabled rig application to support SQL Server 2005 and developed new tool to integrate with new SQL Server 2005 replication model using the Replication Management Object (RMO) classes.
  • Developed Survey Calculator tool to easily retrieve the interpolated survey point based on the measured depth.
  • Developed Pressure Explorer application to use in oilfield rigs. The application was used to store project, well, suite, datarun, and formation pressure data. It was a primary application of a well site data capture, data management, and reporting tool. The separation of business logic objects, user interface objects, and application frameworks extended the application’s scalability and maintainability.
  • Developed an integrated data export and import tool that dynamically recognized the import fields and unit systems. It had the capability to do conversion between compatible unit systems. Prevented manual conversion and human error calculation. 
  • Designed MS Report Viewer to display data in a custom format and layout. The integrated rich controls and layouts displayed comprehensive data in a clearer and more readable manner. 
  • Implemented NHibernate system to enable data layer processing in an automatic manner. Enabled developers to focus on the business logic than manually constructing routines of data retrieval/persistence from/to the database server.
  • Redesigned and refactored Pressure Explorer application to implement Microsoft Composite UI Application Block (CAB) and Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) to enable loosely-coupled communications between application modules. This implementation made application more consistent and robust in terms of sharing common application states, authorization, and licensing schema. 
  • Developed modular licensing schema that complies CAB & SCSF design patterns. Application could load the modules which were required to be licensed based on the customer order. Extended the application licensing scalability technically and commercially (based-on business point of view).
  • Enabled CrypKey licensing software implementation for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Windows Vista 64-bit Edition.
  • Developed modular online help system and context-sensitive help that complied CAB & SCSF design patterns. Enabled each module to register its help file and help topics when being loaded by CAB Object Builder. Finally, the resulting help window would show the topics of loaded modules only. Added more professional values to the application.
  • Created a code standard document referenced by .NET developers in creating a recommended code blocks in terms of standardization. Made more readable and error prone application’s code. Easier reading by other developers in a team system development environment.

System administration
  • Created a testing network environment on several VMWare servers that included Windows domain controllers, Citrix CPS 4.0 servers, database servers, and workstations with several different operating systems and service packs. More consistent and easier testing procedure and documentation activities saved developers’ time and effort much.

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