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IT Project Management in IT Industry

Ensuring service level and customer satisfaction metrics are met and building collaborative customer relationships with client.

Wahyu's Experiences at Ebiz

Date: Jan 2013 – Feb 2014

Senior Developer (Co-Project Manager), IT Project Manager, Head of PMO
PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi, Jakarta, Indonesia

PT. eBiz Cipta Solusi (, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Data Management Solution, is a leading information technology company providing IT solutions using Microsoft technologies and is well known for their expertise on Business Performance Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Project Management, and enterprise application development.

Established in 2001, PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi has delivered successful projects for a diverse range of customers including Banking, Multi Financial, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, and the Construction sector.

Oct 2013 – present: Head of Project Management Office 
Key Roles & Responsibilities
  • Report to the President Director.
  • Continue and establish PMI-based PMO strategy and framework implementation from previous Head of PMO and modify to meet business needs and satisfy business requirements.
  • Lead and develop PMO that provides policies, methodologies, templates, support and guidance to manage projects.
  • Develop the integration of IT project and service management as a custom framework extension.
  • Define and coordinate the development/procurement of an application that assembles and integrates core business processes: value creation, marketing, sales, delivery, and finance.
  • Develop and update as necessary the comprehensive but attractive starter kits for project managers and project team member.
  • Collaborate with stakeholder in improving project related standard operating procedures.
  • Plan to add and institute two new PMO divisions for knowledge management system and project manager career path in PMO.
  • Ensure right person on the right project.
  • Monitor and controll projects to finish on-time.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain good payment performance and long-term business relationships.

Key Achievements
  • Create robust ground rules for all project managers and project team members by releasing starter kits for project managers and team members (as a tool of develop project team process) to help project manager bringing the team from forming to performing team development stage. Also choosing the appropriate management style and authority types for each team development stage, as well as the motivation theories and how to ask demotivated team member related to the motivation theory, and good project reporting. Review communication model and its best practices, and project management template forms for specific purpose, just from the start of the project. To make the most and powerful starter kits, relevant parts of PMBOK guide and IT service management framework are incorporated into these starter kits in a fun and interesting ways. Make project managers more educated, fresher, and motivated while in developing the project team and handle problem more efficiently, effectively, and elegantly.
  • Refine the PMO development plan to help company progressing in next capability maturity model, selecting more relevant PMO service offerings and PMO service metrics. Make senior management and leaders and related stakeholder more aware and focus for this important goal.
  • Coordinate project managers to take part in PMO management event calendar that holds variety events from regular project managers meeting, scheduled project management topics, project management trends, to project management certification. Make all project managers can exchange issues and resolutions as well as to make the communications go smoother and maintain company-wide project knowledge.
  • Improve current project management approaches with project management guide and best practice. Result in a progress of company capability maturity level development.
  • Develop a custom framework uniting PMI PMBOK and IT service management to know and understand more the pattern of business activity (PBA) of clients. Result in the company which could respond to PBA more appropriate in the term of cost and productivity.
  • Integrate the critical thinking and intellectual information strategy in contract documents, requirement documents, and other formal message that most importantly needed information traits such as clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, significance, fairness, and completeness to avoid dispute and discrepancy in the future. Make the interaction between us and clients more professional and elegant, same perception since the first agreement sign off, thus manages the customer expectation well and improves customer satisfaction for a long run.

Jun 2013 – Mar 2014: IT Project Manager

Key Roles & Responsibilities
  • Reported to the President Director 
  • Developed stakeholder management strategy
  • Developed project management plan
  • Directed and managed project work
  • Monitored and controlled project work
  • Performed integrated change control
  • Closed project or phase

  • Bank Indonesia, Rencana Bisnis Bank (RBB) Bank Pembiayaan Rakyat Syariah (BPRS) Project
    • Date : May 2013 – Dec 2013
    • Team: 6
  • PT Bank ANZ Indonesia, Single CIF – FATCA Phase II Project
    • Date : May 2013 – Feb 2014
    • Team: 6
  • PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk., Sales Development Navigation Project
    • Date : Feb 2013 – Dec 2013
    • Team: 10

Key Achievements
  • Ensured service level and customer satisfaction metrics are met and build collaborative customer relationships with client. Cross-sell company services to maximize account penetration. Help sales team by promoting current project deliverables that matches client business requirements.
  • Stepped into Bank Indonesia Rencana Bisnis Bank BPRS Project to replace prior Project Manager. With a temporary unavailable team leader for a month, still could make effective steps (with minimum additional cost) to speed up the business process and technical skill transfer knowledge to new project members. Brought the project back to the track in a month.
  • Proposed and monitor the development of new solution framework as generic template for all new coming projects. The separation of common service framework, business objects, and user interface layers allowed new projects to reuse the services available in the framework. Now developers’ focus is to program the business process while saves mandays for repetitive development tasks for the company.
  • Coordinated development resources to level in multiple projects well. Empowered them to accelerate in skill development and experience while optimized resource usages for multiple projects. 
  • Directed management and team well in technical insight from software and infrastructure analysis perception. Allowed quality and cost effective solution to be delivered consistently.

Jan 2013 – May 2013: Senior Developer (Co-Project Manager)
Key Roles & Responsibilities
  • Reported to the Project Manager, responsible to co-manage projects well with internationally standardized project management best practices (PMBoK) 
  • Worked as technical team leader and co Project Manager
  • Assisted Business Analyst in analyze user requirements and design the system
  • Assisted Project Manager in manage team assignment
  • Software development

Key Achievements
  • Brought a project of PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk. to a success. Being the co-project manager, analyzed the root cause for the first project phase to fail and collected related information from all first phase stakeholder. Developed internal and external project timelines, re-united previous and new team member to accomplish internal project plan resulted in project go-live ahead. 
  • Introduced new log ticket to use for after go-live project maintenance phase. Lite, efficient, and effective to use while bug-and-error tracing system is not available.
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